FuturArc Single Edition 2009/Q4

Table of contents
Project News
Art in a Park
Making Waves
A Little Piece of Haven
A Space for Prayers
The Futurarc Interview
Wong Mum Summ & Richard Hassell
Partners, WoHa Design
Futurarc Showcase
The Bhutan Project
A vision of well-being, inspired by the children of the mountains.
Crafting a Private Sanctuary
Poh Ern Shih
Chapel of the Apostles
National Art Gallery
Shunde Cultural Centre Phase 1
Peraliya Community Health Centre
National Heart Centre
S-One Seven A Side Live Soccer
*Scape Youth Community Place
Hong Kong YWCA Guesthouse
In Conversation with Frederic Simon
Healing Spaces
Contextualising the Architecture of Well-being in the Tropics
More Than Just a Light
Thermal Comfort and the Radiant Environment
Designing with Wood in Asia
BCI News
Milestones & Events

Category: FuturArc

Vendor: BCI

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