FuturArc Single Edition 2010/Q3

Table of contents
Project News
Green Office Buildings
Wind at the Top
The Futurarc Interview
Amory Lovins 
Chairman, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
Futurarc Showcase
Shenzhen Vanke Headquarter and Orang Laut Cultural Center
Two winning projects from the BCI Green Design Award 2010.
GREEN TOMORROW: Sustainable Building Design in Korea
The Met
Fujitsu Headquarters, Melbourne Australia
Red House at The Quayside
Central Library, University of Indonesia
Headquarters of Energy Commission of Malaysia
Sunway Giza Shopping Arcade
Rainforest Retreat
Garbage Recycling Laboratory
Shanghai International Cruise Terminal
The WOW Residence
The Green Lung, KL Sentral Park
Real Estate, Housing and Developer Association Headquarter
German Partner Plant
A Rough Path to Sustainable Community: A profile on community architect and founder of CASE Patama Roonrakwit
Sustainable by Design 
Urban Reforestation of KL City Centre 2030: the Multilevel Green Connectors
First Encounter of the Shanghainese Kind
Singapore Architects Take A Stand
Lotus Sustainable Building Assessment System
Special Supplement 2010
Featuring winning entries of: 
FuturArc Prize 2010
BCI Green Design Award 2010

Category: FuturArc

Vendor: BCI

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