FuturArc Single Edition 2008/Q3

Table of contents
Project News
Children’s Activity Centre
La Estancia Chapel
The Macau Inter-University Institute
TTDI Plaza
Philippine Science High School
Vision City
Ku Bu Qi Desert Park
HOK Offices
Orinda City Hall
Main Feature
The Green Future of Buildings 
A landmark survey of architects and construction professionals
in the Asia-Pacific reveals the present state-of-mind on green
building issues.
The Futurarc Interview
Kevin Hydes 
Chair of the World Green Building Council
Futurarc Showcase
Eco-tower Extraordinaire
The Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China, looks set to mark a
new milestone in the evolution of this quintessentially
urban built form.
TDIC/ADTA Headquarters 
Dongtan Eco-city
Hong Kong Wetland Park
88 George Street 
Workplace 6
Pusat Tenaga Malaysia’s Zero Energy Office 
Bottle House
House in Tagaytay
Green Airports
In Conversation with Christoph Ingenhoven 
In Conversation with Behnisch Architekten & Transsolar
Beyond Greenwash
Beyond Oil 
Clean Energy
BCI News 
Milestones & Events
Special Supplement 2008
FuturArc Forum 2008 
Featuring questions and answers from the first ever eight-city conference with industry experts on sustainability
FuturArc Prize 2008 
Showcasing winning designs from the inaugural design competition for green architecture

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