FuturArc Single Edition 2008/Q2

Table of contents
Project News
New Hyderabad International Airport
Nexus Apartments
Seri Tanjung Pinang
Rasuna Epicentrum
Main Feature 
Beyond a Photogenic Skyscraper
The race to become the next global city takes more than just
building mega monuments and shiny skyscrapers.
The FuturArc Interview
Mah Bow Tan
Singapore's Minister for National Development
FuturArc Showcase
Green Bequest 
Singapore's Gardens by the Bay plan wows as it endows
Singaporeans with an historic and strategic asset.
Feature Projects
Going for a global hotspot: redeveloping Marina Bay
Eye on Orchard
Shanghai World Expo 2010
Iskandar Development Region
Eco Park
Beijing's Ambition
With ground-breaking architecture and a massive overhaul
to its infrastructure and civic spaces, Beijing is realising
its ambition of becoming an international metropolis.
Weapons of Mass Attraction
As European cities battle it out with architecture, should
they aim for or avoid the Bilbao effect?

Category: FuturArc

Vendor: BCI

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